We are the umbrella organization of all study associations at the TU/e


Welcome to the FSE website

The Federation of Study associations Eindhoven, in short FSE, is an umbrella organization that represents the ten study associations at the Eindhoven University of Technology (TU/e). The goal of the FSE is to represent the interests of students at the TU/e through the study associations. We do this by facilitating commutation between the study associations, and by being the contact point for the university.

About the FSE

Each study at the TU/e has its own study association. Study associations offer services for students and are managed by students. The study associations organize a lot of activities, some study related and some leisure activities. At the TU/e we have ten study associations and all of them are member of the Federation of Study associations Eindhoven . The form the Governing Board of the FSE. Next to that, the FSE has the Executive Board which is responsible with the daily operations.

The FSE-Day

Every year, the FSE and all the ten study associations organize a day that aims to show the strong bond our students and associations have. By being together and participate in fun activities, students from different associations get to know each other and the bonds between the different board thickens. The last few years the FSE-day was closed with the Borrel XL, a drink outside with all the associations together.

Participating associations


Executive Board

Joost van der Heide


Lisa Dekker


Lars Middel


Florijne Merton



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